Winchester Mystery House’s New Horror Experience Will leave you Amazed!

The Winchester Mystery House is the house said to be built by spirits. It was built by the heiress of the Winchester Rifle Company with the guidance of spiritual mediums in order to appease the spirits. She felt like she was cursed by the countless people who lost their lives because of their product.

So she spent countless hours and practically the rest of her entire life after her family died working on this house. The house is a spectacular site to see, it’s filled with rooms that are odd, doors that lead no where, and windows on floors among many other creepy things.

But until recent, the public hasn’t seen some of the secret and more paranormal type of rooms. But now is your chance to experience an immersive thriller filled with psychological and paranormal scenarios.

You get to visit places in the house that have been off limits to the general public, and some rooms that haven’t been seen by many people. Who else would be excited to check this out?

The event started on the 9th of September and runs through November 2nd. Check out their site here to learn more > UNHINGED

Check out these videos we found of an inside look at The Winchester Mystery House by Houzztv and Docspot and let us know your thoughts!

Video source – Houszztv

Video Source – Docspot

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