Zuni Doll From Trilogy Of Terror Becomes Most Valuable Prop In Horror History

If you love horror movies, you’ve probably heard about or seen this doll at one point in time or the other. It’s the Zuni hunter doll from the classic horror TV movie “Trilogy Of Terror.” If you’re old enough to remember the TV show, you remember how terrifying that little doll actually was. Well now it went into auction with a selling price estimate of $12,000 to $15,000. However for some reason it went for $217,600 dollars to a collector who must have wanted it pretty bad.

Imagine having that much money to be able to buy a horror prop. The previous record was set by The Shinning ax prop “hero” sold for over $200,000. The Trilogy Of Terror came out in in 1975 and aired on as a ABC-TV movie. Even since then the movie still remains a cult classic. It was the stuff of nightmares for many kids and adults alike.

The Zuni doll was featured in the 3rd tale called “Amelia” who was portrayed by actress Karen Black. It’s about a woman who was terrorized by a Zuni fetish doll who was possessed by a spirit known as “he who kills”. The victim finally destroys the doll but not without a gruesome fight. I wonder if back then they thought that prop would become the most valuable horror prop to date?

Check out Amelia – Trilogy Of Terror scene below and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Chevojr

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