10 Freaky Poltergeists Caught On Video

10 Freaky Poltergeists Caught On Video

10 Freaky Poltergeists Cau3ght On Video 

Unless you'br seen something scary in person it's hard to say if something is real or not. So when someone records something of the paranormal region and says it's real, it's hard to decipher if it actually is or isn't This is the case of this video, there are several videos that look like they COULD be real, but then again with so many fakes out there it's hard to say if any of them are or aren't.

But in some of them you will see the reactions from the people look genuine, and if it was a prank someone would eventually come out and tell them it was one. 

But what if they aren't fakes, does this prove that ghosts are real? Could it be that there is another side right next to ours that gets tangled up like a web every now and then? It's hard to think  that we were created only to be on this existence for a short time and that's it.

There has to be something else on the other side, some other journey and reason being and living on this planet. But if when we die we get stuck here and we can't seem to continue on our journey?

Could this be what's happening here? Could it be that these ghosts or entities are trying to make their presence known?

Let us know what you think! 

10 Freaky Poltergeists Caught On Video 

SOURCE – MR- NIGHTMARE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7nFf-ld7Fk

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  • Clara Joseph

    I still do not understand why no one cares how retarded the retarded get when they see the octupus that they let in when they disregarded the do not disturb order, I am sick of dim bulb idiots who are going to be stupid and beat me out of being First. Amen, Hades.

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