The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle

Why Are Airports So Confusing [Answ...
Why Are Airports So Confusing [Answered]

The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle 

For as long as people have been sailing the seas there have been strange things going on. People have gone out into the ocean and have never come back, it's a very real problem that still continues until this very day. We all know that the sea is a force of it's own, and anyone who voyages out in it excepts that fact. When we're out in the sea we are at the mercy of it and the storms that pop up.

But there are certain areas where things don't happen because of the weather, some areas hold mysterious powers that are called other worldly  by some. Others say that there are natural phenomenon that have to do with places like the Bermuda Triangle. However those who have been through it and have witnessed the odd things and actually came out of it alive say otherwise. Some say that there's a portal to another realm and another time period through there. 

Could it be that there's an alien base under these waters that is causing disturbances in this mysterious area, or is there something else causing all the problems? 

The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle 


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