6 Terrifying Animals You’ll Be Glad Are Extinct After Watching This

6 Animals You’re Glad Are Extinct 

We’ve all grown up hearing stories of legendary monsters and dinosaurs that used to roam the earth. Giant creatures, things that would make your skin crawl if you saw them. However, all these creatures that we’ve grown to fear and learn about have vanished, or have they? Today we are going to learn about some monsters that are supposedly extinct. What happens when we find things that are supposed to be gone, would that change things?

We’ve heard rumors of prehistoric monster size sharks still swimming around in the oceans. Could there be a possibility they are still around? Maybe, but they aren’t anywhere near us or at least that we know of. Could there be dinosaurs walking around on the earth somewhere? They would have to be remote locations where man hasn’t really set food on, but then again who knows. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.

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Monsters Waiting In The Deep

We know that most of the oceans and bodies of waters around the world haven’t been explored or mapped. So what could be waiting for us in the depths is unknown. Could the stories of the great monsters like the Kraken be true? There’s more than enough room in the vastness of the oceans for them, so yeah. I think as times goes on and the climate changes. We will start to see creatures long forgotten and some unknown coming to shore real soon.

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