Strange And Creepy Halloween,Halloween Decor Intriguing Things About Halloween You May Not Know

Intriguing Things About Halloween You May Not Know

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25 Things About Halloween That You Didn’t Know

There comes a point in time where we all question why we do some of the things that we love to do. In this case, it’s all about Halloween and all the awesome stuff that comes along with It. Have you ever wondered WHY we dress up and go out on October 31st asking for tricks or treats, or why we carve pumpkins? Most of us just enjoy it because…. well we all think it’s the greatest time of the year, well at least most of us reading this. Not all of us think it’s about death, horror, and about evil things, but is it? 

It’s interesting to think that sometimes we celebrate things that we just fully don’t understand. We just fall in love with the customs and traditions we grew up with and blindly follow them without fully grasping why we do what we do. But would it actually change your perspective on Halloween if you fully understood where everything actually comes from and why things are the way they are?

Good question… 

There are those who would probably stop liking Halloween because of it, but then there are others that would probably just think ” cool, now I know where this comes from” and just go on there way. I’m one of those of the people, I love to understand where things come from and why we use them when we do, that way it will give me a new respect for them. Anyways enough talk, here’s a video on 10 things that you may have not known about Halloween


Things about Halloween you might not know 

Video Source – CreepyPastaJr

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