Ghost Adventures Star Zak Bagans To Join Halloween Wars Baking Championship

Zak Bagans Halloween Wars

Halloween Wars is drawing some spooky inspiration by Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans. He will be sharing his creepy paranormal encounters over the last 15 years. The Halloween Wars team will then draw inspiration from the stories and relics. It’s hard to even think of the creations they will come up with. They will also draw some inspiration from his Haunted Museum. Zak Bagan’s museum has been at the forefront of some pretty creepy hauntings. Some of his artifacts are downright dangerous and not for the faint of hear.

Each team will be competing for $25,000 as the last team standing will take the top prize. The event will kick off on Sunday, September 19th at 8pm on the Food Network. The Food Network will also be showcasing some other Halloween shows that will get you in the spooky mood. Outrageous Pumpkin is another Food Network show that will showcase some crazy pumpkin carving creations. 7 pumpkin creators will be competing for the top prize and bragging rights. This isn’t your average local pumpkin carving contest. The contestants are all proven masters that will compete for the top prize.

Check out some of what’s coming via the Food Network below and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Halloween Daily News

Check out this video of Zak Bagan’s museum and some of the things you could possibly see as an inspiration on the show.

Video Source – MostAmazingTop10

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