Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you’ve ever been to a Halloween store, you know how insane some of the prices are for various props. I’m talking a few hundred dollars for one cool animatronic, and yes I said for 1. Now imagine setting up your lawn, your front entrance, even your entire house. 
You’re looking at spending a few grand if not more when it’s all said and done. Then you have to think about other expenses on top of that. Not everyone has the cash to spend on some cool looking Halloween props.
What options are there?
You’re in luck, we found some cool videos with some money-saving ideas. You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg for one decoration. Now you can get a few things and combine them to make one cool thing.
There are endless combinations that you can come up with. You can still get yourself one cool thing, but then you can budget the rest of your money on items like the ones below.
Like what? 
Check out these videos we found and share it with a friend!

Dollar Store Halloween Decoration ideas

Video Source – Love, Food, and money

Video Source – Dollar tree

Video Source –  Fab tv-

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