You’ll Have A Ghoulish Good Time With These Halloween Themed Drink Recipes

 Adult Halloween Drink Recipes

Some of you have been asking that we find some really good Halloween drinks recipes for adults. We did some research and found some pretty cool and easy ones to create. So what was our criteria for finding these recipes?

1. The recipes must TASTE GOOD! 

2. The must look as good and creative as they taste! 

We will be finding more of these in the near future. We will also showcase some cool ones for kids. If you have a  recipe and  video that you want to showcase, be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below. 

Halloween Party Ideas


This one is loaded with alcoho so be sure to drink responsible and NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE! 

Video Source – Tasty


This one can be made in under 90 seconds, the cool part is that you can decorate the glass however you really want too! Check out this one!


The Jack O’tini Layered Cocktail 

The Jack O’tini Layered Cocktail by happy Auer 

Remember to always drink responsibly and don’t over do it, if you do drink find someone who can drive to where ever you’re going! 

Do you have an idea or something for us to showcase? Know somewhere strange to stay the night or that you think we should look into? Have a creepy awesome service or strange carnival/tour you think we should write about? Want us to showcase your talent, pictures, or videos? Send us an email to [email protected]

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