4 Creepy True Stories That Will Make You Think Twice About Looking At a Mirror At Night

True Haunted Mirror Stories

There have always been stories of different gateways to other dimensions. Some of these dimensions are mentioned as being dark and evil ones. However, there are some that say you can access these places through  mirrors. Other objects like “the witch-board” aka “the Ouija board are devices also known that can channel other worldly entities. But what if you’re NOT looking to conjure up something using a mirror?

What if it just simply happens, or could it happen?
Good question!
Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts

4 Haunted Mirror Ghost Stories That Are TRUE! 


Gateway Or Portal To The Unknown?

Some believe that when there’s some kind of negative energy in the presence of a mirror or mirrors. The energy gets trapped within the mirror and can play like an old movie under the right circumstances. Others say that the energy can open a void to a dark realm. Almost like someone builds a door for something nasty to come out, even though you don’t want it to.

Could a mirror somehow be a conduit for opening some kind of portal we can’t see? Could glass be some kind of opening or a way for the other side to come to this side? What do you think about all of this, do you believe mirrors an open as portals?

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