Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained 5 Creepy Videos Of Paranormal Incidents

5 Creepy Videos Of Paranormal Incidents

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Creepy Paranormal Videos

So if you’re into the paranormal and strange and creepy stuff like we are…. No pun intended, then you may have seen a few of these video clips. Each day it seems as if there’s a whole new slew of paranormal videos. Some of these videos are rather creepy while others are just simply laugh-worthy.

But what about the videos that make you stop and think for a second? What about the videos that make you go back a bit and then watch them again. Sometimes we watch them over and over wondering what it is about the video that makes us want it again.

Could it be that some of these videos have caught some kind of REAL paranormal event on video? Some say that these events can still leave trace amounts of energy. That could be one of the reasons why we feel so compelled to watch them over and over.

Then again it just is curiosity and the fact that something like that doesn’t exist, yet we are seeing it with our own eyes. On the other side is the people who make these videos. If you were to capture some very terrifying stuff that isn’t supposed to be real on camera, would you show it to anyone?

Check out this video post we found by SirSpooks and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – SirSpooks

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