You’ll Be Chased By Demons On A Ghost Train In This Fully Immersive VR Experience

Derren Brown Ghost Train: Rise Of The Demon

Illusionist Derren Brown created a ride like none other. The Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon is an insanely immersive experience. It’s a live-action VR experience that also includes the hologram of Derren Brown himself. The ghost train is located in Thorpe Park, Surrey England. If you’re expecting a regular ghost train ride with subpar decorations, you’re in for a surprise. Riders will climb aboard the Victorian train, it’s suspended 3m in the air so you’ll feel like you’re moving.

The ghost train experience uses various techniques that will heighten all senses. You begin the experience in a dark room, that’s enough to get you going. Then you’re escorted to the train’s platform where your journey begins. You go on an insane journey that will leave you questioning if it’s real or not. Then when you’re done with that you go on a second one where you’re being chased by demons.

There are 12 different versions of the virtual reality ride experience. There are also 2 different endings so if you choose to go back you may get a different ending. This is a type of ride that is going to mess with all of your senses. You’re going to think you’re actually moving when you’re not. It’s also the kind of ride you’ll want to go back on, maybe the 2nd time around you’ll get a different ending.

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Video Source – Theme Park Inc

Video Source – Expedition Theme Park

Video Source- Coaster Connection

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