5 Classic Monster Themed Restaurants Every Horror Fan Must Visit

Monster Themed Restaurants

Looking to take a trip to some horror-themed or classic horror-themed restaurants? We looked far and wide for some of the coolest places on the planet horror fans can go and feel at home at. We ended up finding a cool video by “The Lair Of Voltaire”. Voltaire showcases some of the coolest classic monster horror-themed restaurants.

These restaurants aren’t like your normal fast food joints. they don’t put up a few decorations and throws out a themed food or drink. They’re more like walking into another world, a realm of darkness. It’s a horror experience without becoming a victim of any monsters of course. These are the types of places that when you walk In you kind of lose your breath for a moment.

These are 5 of the many around the world. If you have one that we haven’t showcased or isn’t well known, send us over a message. Let us know which one of these places is your favorite and if you’ve ever visited any of them.

Video Source – The Lair Of Voltaire

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