This Creepy Museum Lets You Explore Haunted Objects From Your Home!

The Haunted Museum

When the creator’s Dana and Greg Newkirk started The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult, little did they know their museum would become quarantine friendly? The Newkirks, actually didn’t design the haunted object museum to be designed this way at all.

“It was completely by accident,” Dana tells SYFY WIRE.

“Throughout the span of that, no matter what, people just give you weird stuff. If you’re doing an investigation and they have things, they’ll give them to you, and you collect them from your own investigations.”

They have been at it for over 20 years and throughout all of that time have amassed a large collection of things most people wouldn’t even dare touch. Imagine having something so haunted that it’s causing a lot of problems in your life; wouldn’t you get rid of it? This is where the paranormal investigators come into play. Before the pandemic, they would travel around with items and let people look at them. There are certain objects they don’t want anyone touching for a good reason.


However, if you’re one of those people that want to look at an object from a distance, checking out their site would be a good idea. They have various sections where can dig deep into an object, its haunted history, and some of the evidence they have compiled behind it.

Check out their site here > The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult

Video Source – Planet Weird

Video Source – Planet Weird

Video Source – Planet Weird

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