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90’s Halloween Movies We Are Totally Obsessed With

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90’s Halloween Movies

So when it comes to Halloween movies, it seems like the one decade we go back to for Halloween movies is the 90’s. There were so many iconic movies in that decade. However, not all of them were smash hits when they first came out.

Sometimes it takes years and even decades for some movies to gain popularity. Sometimes it’s through social media pictures or random commercial spots. But some movies end up successful years after they came out.

Halloween Movies

For instance, Hocus Pocus is one of those movies. When it came it initially wasn’t as huge as it is today. Thinking back the movie did well but it just wasn’t what it is today. It’s crazy to think about some of these movies that we have come to love.

The video we found will showcase all the 90’s Halloween movies we have come to love and cherish. Check out the video we found by Dream Mining and let us know your thoughts.

Did they leave any movies out or was the list a good one?

Video source – Dream Mining

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