An Inside Look At PetSmarts 2019 Halloween Collection

Halloween is the time of the year EVERYONE including our pets can get in on the fun with costumes and treats. Well not all pets would probably want to wear a costume, but i’m pretty sure all of them would love a treat or 2.

Every year Petsmart comes out with some pretty cool and interesting costumes for our 4 legged friends. This year they have some awesome hamster ones. I still don’t see a hamster holding still long enough to get a costume put on them, lol. But none the less they are really cool, maybe one of you has a hamster that would put one of these on?

Petsmart also has an arrangement of toys, treats, beds, and much more in it’s Halloween collection. If you’re looking for something, I’m pretty sure they’ll have it.

Check out the videos we found of PetSmarts 2019 Halloween collection. Do you have a pet, and if so what would you dress them up in?

Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners
Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Video Source – Reis World

Video Source – TheBestThings

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