Strange And Creepy Movie Corner Halloween Reboot Finally Announced 

Halloween Reboot Finally Announced 

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Halloween Reboot Finally Announced 

If you’re one of those people who have been patiently waiting to see if John Carpenter’s Halloween reboot was actually going to go into production, well you don’t have to wait anymore. The project was said to be good to go some months ago but then there was some speculation if it was actually going to happen or not.

Just recently the Friday the 13th reboot was shut down so some movie fans were rather worried as if this was going to happen to the Halloween franchise as well. However it has been confirmed by John Carpenter that that the movie will finally go into production.

Even better is the fact that John Carpenter will be heading this project, so you know it’s not going to be a lame remake or reboot like a lot of the other movies that have been out recently.


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Halloween Reboot Finally Announced

The story is going to pick up years later after all of the killings and promises to have a similar style as the old ones but with a new twist.

Now if you’ve been waiting all of these years for  another John Carpenter remake than you should be happy about this. There have been other remakes but this one promises to bring Michael back to his original role, so if you loved the old style of Halloween movies you’re in for a treat. John Carpenter even had a hand in the music for the film.  

If you remember the old iconic music from the first film, you know that the song probably gave you the creeps. We all know when that song plays what movie it’s tied to, so will the new music be the same or something a little more current, what are your thoughts?

Do you think this Halloween will be any good?

Are you excited and will be checking it out when it hits the theaters?

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