A Look At Massachusetts Paranormal Hot Spot – The Bridgewater Triangle

Paranormal Energy Center?

30 miles south of Boston lies one of the most mysterious areas known as the “Bridgewater Triangle”. It’s a 200-mile vortex of unexplained creepy activity. It’s home to a ton of paranormal activity, animal mutilation, ufo sightings, poltergeists, and all kinds of other crazy things. No one knows really why there is so much activity within this area except for the fact that it could be due to it being a strong energy vortex of some kind.

Loren Coleman, a renowned cyrptozooglist in the 1970s was the first to token the name “Bridgewater Triangle.” The triangle includes various towns in the area that are within a 200-mile radius. Reports from this area have been coming in since the mid-1700s. The first report was of some mysterious “sphere of fire” that those who saw said it was brighter than the sun.

There have been numerous accounts of animal mutilation, some under some rather odd circumstances. Others have been said to have been drained of all of their blood through puncture wounds. The area has had enough reports to fill a volume of books and finally, it will be getting a TV show this coming year.

Check out a few of the videos we found about the area. Let us know your thoughts on what’s going on here. Do you live or have lived in that area or possibly know someone who has a creepy story to tell about an area? send it to [email protected]

Check out this video we found by Nightmind and let us know your thoughts

Video Source – Nightmind

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