Nightmare Before Christmas Flowers Delivered To You In a Coffin

Nightmare before Christmas roses

Good news for those of you who LOVE the Nightmare Before Christmas. The flower arrangement and delivery company “Roseshire” is bringing back their Nightmare Before Christmas rose bouquet for Valentine’s day. The rose collection isn’t your normal bland bouquet in a boring glass vase, but instead professionally arraigned in box that looks like an actual coffin.

Roseshire promises a different type of experience rather than just a typical arrangement. The company takes the flower delivery to a whole new level. When you receive a bouquet, you just don’t get some person who drops off the box and runs off to their next delivery.

You get an carefully wrapped package that presents a huge reveal when opened, “per the company’s website. The message included isn’t some hand written one on some regular piece of paper either. Instead you get an awesome stationary folded into a linen envelope and sealed in wax by hand.

Talk about pretty cool!

There are a variety of roses and plans that you can choose from. They also have different themes for different times of the year.The only downfall is the cost, you’re going to have to pay for something great. Don’t expect a cheap set of flowers in some torn up box. You’re going to get a top notch assortment and an experience someone won’t forget soon. 

Check out their site here if you’re interested here > ROSESHIRE

Video Source – Roseshire

A video review we found by FoodService Driver

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