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The Museum Of Bad Art – Where Failures Are Celebrated

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Where Bad Art Is Good Art

The museum of bad art is originally located in Dedham, Massachusetts. It also has branches in various other parts of the state. The motto for the museum is “To celebrate the labor of artists who would be displayed and appreciated in no other forum”.  Imagine being an artist and putting your heart and soul into a project only for it to come out looking like a 3rd art class production.  I know I can’t create anything and honestly, so my old work would probably fit in very well in one of these museums.

The museum has over 700 pieces of art and they display around 25-30 pieces at a time. MOBA was started in 1994 by the owner and artist Scott Wilson after getting the idea from a painting he recovered from the trash. His thought was that every city has a museum dedicated to the best art, but what about the worst art? So he decided to create the museum and it surprisingly took off, talk about some good art!

Not just any artwork can be displayed in the museum. It has to be original artwork and has to have a serious vibe to it. So in other words it has to be made by a real artist and someone who actually took their time and effort on the piece. However, not everyone is on board with the project and some critics are saying it’s bad for art in general and distasteful.

We think it’s a great idea, and who is to say what good art is from bad art? Well, there are a lot of pieces of good art that don’t look like much, but then again some of the paintings in the bad art museum look like they were created just for that place.

Check out the video post we found on this place and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Somerville Neighborhood News

Video Source – Kool Buildings

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