A Look At The Horror Movie Disney Quietly Launched In The Movies

The Empty Man

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20th Century Studios launched a horror movie last month that many didn’t even know about. They launched the trailer for the movie just 1 week prior to the release date. The movie was pushed back so many times because of delays with the merger with Fox. It sat around so long that Disney finally just decided to launch it. Based on the comic by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Vanessa Del Rey, the Empty Mans focus surrounds a strange urban legend that turns out to be much more.

The movie seemed to be doomed from day one, then the pandemic also hit movie theaters. With its trailer release 1 week prior, this one went under the radar. It pretty much got the same treatment that the horror movie “New Mutants” got. We went to see the movie and can say we really enjoyed it. If you’re going to check it out, make sure you take a bathroom break beforehand. It’s probably one of the longest horror movies of this kind of nature that I’ve ever seen.

We’re not going to spoil anything for those of you who are still interested in watching it. What we can say is that it’s full of twists and turns, some will leave you with your jaw on the floor. Check out the trailer for the movie below, and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – 20th Century Studios

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