If You’ve Ever Dreamed Of a Place Where It’s Halloween All Year, This Is It!

Where It’s Halloween All Of The Time

If you love Halloween as much as we do and wished you could go to a place to celebrate it all year long, you’re in for a treat. Orlando, Florida’s Cocktails And Screams is a location like none other.  It’s a horror and Halloween fan’s dream come true. Mix in some good food, drinks, and an awesome atmosphere and you have Cocktails And Screams.

The bar section is made up of over 400 skulls and is a spooky sight to see. They also have a ton of horror movie memorabilia, and not to mention the place itself is like walking into a set of a horror movie. I can see someone like the Addams Family moving into a place like this.

We’ve seen and showcased other horror-themed bars, but this one stands out to us the most. The reason being is the decor they have. It’s almost like you’re walking into a Halloween store with all the crazy masks they have on the walls. If you love horror masks as much as I do, once you step inside you’ll realize what I mean.

Interested in checking out their site for information on when they’re open? Check out their Facebook fan page here> Cocktails And Screams

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