This Terrifying Museum Would Make Jigsaw Feel Right At Home

Medieval Torture Museum

This is one of those kinds of places you have to be ready for before entering. The devices and contraptions that are on display there are ones that have caused immense suffering before an agonizing death. All of the devices are from the medieval time period, and the museum will take you back to that period. Back then it was common place to be accused of even the littlest thing and be put to death without any say so.

The Museum Of Torture takes you on a journey back to a time hundreds of years ago where insane torture methods were common place. It was a time of fear and extreme paranoia, any type of accusation could lead you to the newest torture device.  The museum does a good job of reminding people how suffering was used as justice by madmen, tyrants, and fanatics. They also give an insight how this can happen again if we aren’t careful.

The museum is carefully designed based on historical documents, engravings and other writings.  They recreated the atmosphere though sight and sound insuring all those who go through the 4000 sq. ft space will remember it for a long time after. 

Check out a few videos we found and prepare to cringe with fear!

Video Source – CarpetBagger

Video Source – DaytoDayWithJay

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