Strange And Creepy Florida,Haunted - United States Cassadaga, Florida – An Inside Look At The Spirit Capital Of The World

Cassadaga, Florida – An Inside Look At The Spirit Capital Of The World

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Do You Believe In Spirits?

Cassadaga, Florida has been known as the psychic capital of the world since 1875. Cassadaga is the Seneca Indian word for “water beneath the rocks.” The area is said to have a lot of energy flowing through it. The small location population is under 100 people. It’s a quiet nice place that follows the principle below.

“Spiritualism has no dogma or creed, just a simple set of nine principles to help guide our lives”

If you’re looking for someone to help guide you in your future, Cassadaga is your place. It’s a small camp with a lot of parks to visit. If you’re in that area of Florida, we highly suggest you check it out. Check out the video we found by Max Exline and let us know what you think.

Video Source – Max Exline 

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Some say ghosts have found their way here to connect with the living, others are there to look for help, could this be true? The town is full of psychics willing to help out those who are looking to contact the spirits of those who have passed on. 

There are a lot of situations where people claim to have this gift but don’t. People like that end up giving a bad reputation to those who DO have the gift. For some of us, it’s already hard to believe in something we aren’t conditioned to believe in. We base everything on science and the ability to see and touch things. So all it takes is that one person to destroy credibility in this field. A camp like this can help destroy the negatives aligned with spiritualism. Check out the video below. 

Check out this other vide we found by ….

Video Source – Ripleys Believe It Or Not

Have you ever been there before? Share your story and let us know what you experienced.

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