An Inside Look At The Real ‘Stranger Things’ Filming Locations


‘If you’re an 80’s kid or just simply a fan of the 80’s and haven’t seen Stranger Things, you need to check it out! It’s the show where some kids witness some supernatural forces get out of control. They do their best to fight back in what seems like a hopeless battle at times.

The show pays homage to 80’s movies and the whole time frame and era in general. Stranger Things has become a super hit the past few seasons, leading some to SEARCH for the real life location of Hawkins, Indiana.

However the REAL town is located in Georgia in a town somewhere near Atlanta. So if you’re looking for Hawkins, you’re not going to find the right town connected to the television show because Hawkins, Indiana doesn’t exist.

Our friends at PSPR Paranormal Pursuit sent us this video of their trip to all the filming locations.

Video Source – PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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