An Interview With Steve DiSchiavi From Travel Channel’s ‘The Dead Files’

By now many of you have probably seen or heard of the Travel Channels television show “The Dead Files”. It’s the show where the ex homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and his partner psychic Amy Allen help people out who have serious problems with paranormal activity going on within their homes.

If you haven’t seen the show you know that Steve DiSchiavi handles the background information on the supposed haunted locations. He finds out the history that could be the reason for various paranormal problems that people are facing.

Amy Allen handles the psychic portion of the investigations. She does what they call a “walk” and sees and feels what’s going on at a location. Now if you’ve seen the show, you’ve probably wondered how much of the show is actually real from what isn’t real.

We’ve all see a lot of shows of this nature, but this show takes it a step further than others by adding Steve’s side of the investigation. So believing shows like these before this show was iffy unless you’re at the location experiencing it yourself.

Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - ...
Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera!

But adding Steve to a show like this makes it a lot more realistic in certain ways. Check out the video we were sent by PSPR Paranormal Pursuit and let us know your thoughts!

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