Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained,The Paranormal A Device For Evil Or Just a Game? A Look At The Ouija Board

A Device For Evil Or Just a Game? A Look At The Ouija Board

A Device For Evil Or Just a Game? A Look At The Ouija Board post thumbnail image

Are Ouija Boards Evil?

Some say that the Ouija board isn’t just a game and that it’s a device used to conjure up some menacing spirits and other dark entities. There are those who think it’s used in the wrong manner and that’s why they end up conjuring up some demons. I honestly don’t think there’s a guide to talking to spirits, and people who think this really haven’t messed with one of these boards.

Then on the far side of the spectrum, you have those who think it’s a total scam and that it’s just people moving the boards. They think that the stories are all made up and that it’s not evil but that it’s just a game. 

Which one do you believe?

Whatever the case may be, there have been a TON of stories that say this board is nothing but pure evil. I for one have had a very bad experience with one of these boards and will NEVER touch another one again. 

But then you have others who have had some good experiences, so who knows… 

Check out this video we found by Paranormal Junkie

Video Source – Paranormal Junkie

Do you know how the board got its name? Supposedly the creators or whoever thought of creating a game from this board asked the board what they should call it, and it came up Ouija or “GOOD LUCK”! 

Now whether you believe that the board is telling you that you GOOD LUCK as in if you mess with this GOOD LUCK and get ready for some bad stuff to happen, or if it’s simply stating that the board brings good luck is up to you. We’ve heard way too many horror stories that stem from this board, I’m not talking about the ones in movies but real personal stories from people we know. 

What do you think?

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