Signs you may be haunted by a poltergeist

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Signs you may be haunted by a poltergeist

Now most of you have seen a movie or 2 where ghosts take over a person’s body and cause all kinds of havoc for them and their families.

Usually the movies end with someone coming to help the family, most of the time it’s a priest or someone of some type of religion that does an exorcism on them. The demon or entity is dispelled, the family is happy and the movie ends.

But what if this were to happen in real life?

Some people say that possession and things of that nature aren’t real and that ghosts can’t be violent. Most of the time those people that say that kind of stuff are the ones that have never experienced it, but is it all true or fake?

What if you had something in your house that became a nuisance and gradually became stronger but you couldn’t see it nor do anything about it?

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts! 

Video Source –LOLWOT  


Signs You May Be Haunted By A Poltergeist!