This Midwestern Town Has The Reputation For Being The Most Haunted Town In The USA!

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Haunted Athens, Ohio

The Most Haunted Town In The Midwest?

Of all the spooky places we’ve researched and showcased on this site, none of them have peeked our curiosity as much as the stories that come out of the town by the name of Athens, Ohio. It’s a small community located within the heart of Ohio, and at first glance there isn’t too much to this small Midwestern town. 

It’s your average town filled with working class people who live their lives just like everyone else. There isn’t anything creepy about the town, there isn’t any signs or strange things that let you know that you’re entering  a town famous for some rather creepy stuff. 

But why is this town sooooooooooooooo dang scary? 

The town has several locations which are said to be extremely haunted, most of these locations are cemeteries, and most of you are probably thinking “what cemetery isn’t haunted?” but this is different. The odd part is when the area is mapped, all of the cemeteries connect to each other in the form of a pentagram.

The center of the town is in the exact center of the pentagram, some say this is nonsense, but if you actually look at the maps that some have lined together, you will see it’s more than just a story. Could this be part of the reason that the town has so many haunted locations? Could there be a sinister side behind this?

Check out the video and find out

Athens Ohio

Video Source – Cut throat mc rage 

Source Dana Hill 

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