America’s Most Haunted Hotel Is Inviting Couples For a Candlelight Dinner And Ghost Tour

A Haunted Candlelight Dinner

This Valentine ’s Day, you and a loved one can have a candle light 3 course meal in one of the most haunted hotels in the USA, the Menger Hotel.  Sister Grimm Ghost Tours is inviting you to a creepy Valentine’s ghost tour and treat. You have the choice to select 1 of 2 options, a candlelight dinner and walking tour, or the dinner and bus tour.

They will give you a history of the hotel and all of the creepy history behind it. There are numerous ghosts that reside on the grounds of the hotel. Who knows, one may just pop up as a dinner guest. The Menger Hotel located on the Alamo Plaza and has seen a plethora of history being that it’s located at the Alamo.

The hotel has witness Roosevelt’s Rough Riders recruitment, fires, a ton of robberies, and all kinds of other strange things. In its hay day it was known as the “finest hotel west of the Mississippi” and was ultra-popular destination.

Fast forward over a 100 years and the location is still popular. However all the tragedy and violent events that took place near and around the hotel have left a creepy mark on it. There are a TON of stories of ghostly activity, and some say even Teddy Roosevelt himself still haunts the location every now and then.

If you’re interested in taking the tour check out Sister Grimms site here > SisterGrimmsTour

Check out a couple videos we found showcasing the hotel and its haunts

Video source – TheNormalGuyGuide

Video Source – Oscar’s Odyssey

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