Hurts Donuts Is Back At It Again With Their Cupid Delivery For Valentines

Hurts Donuts is back at it again, first they came out with the creepy clown delivery for Halloween. Now they have a cupid that comes and delivers your donuts. Customers can schedule a cupid delivery,  however there are only a select few locations that are offering the service. 

A cupid wearing wings and a diaper shows up and delivers the donuts. He also dances, plays an instrument, throws rose pedals and gives you a hug. The delivery comes with their pink Valentine’s box of donuts that features some pretty good donuts like the chocolate-covered strawberry donut.

Can you imagine being at work and then all of the sudden some guy in a diaper with wings comes in and sings to  you and delivers you donuts, how cool and embarrassing would that be? Hurts is also known for its IT inspired evil clown that delivers donuts around Halloween.

I think hurts needs to open up more locations nationwide. Can you imagine all the creepy clowns and cupids running around at various times of the year delivering donuts? That would be a sight to see!

Check out their site here if you’re interested in seeing if you’re near a location where they deliver > HURTS DONUTS

Video Source – Nate Webster

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