An Inside Look At The Haunted Hotel With Serial Killer Themed Rooms

Located in Victor, Colorado – The Black Monarch Hotel is the kind of place if you’re into ghosts, the paranormal, and even serial killers. The hotels haunted reputation goes back as far as the late 1800’s. At one point in time it was a casino, and well back then you know what usually went on at casinos.

No one really knows how many ghosts roam the halls of The Black Monarch Hotel. But what is known is that it’s been fully decorated in a horror creepy type of vibe complete with themed rooms. Right now they have the H.H. Holmes room and the Elizabeth Bathory room as far as the serial killer rooms go.

They also have a Nikola Tesla room designed after one of the greatest minds to have ever walked the planet. The choice for rooms is up to you, but don’t wait to book, they get booked pretty quick.

Aside the themed rooms guests have reported hearing strange noises and screams coming from the walls. Some have heard conversations, others have heard foot steps and see shadows moving around.

Interested in stay the night? Check out their site here > Black Monarch Hotel

Check out some videos we found of this place and let us know your thoughts. Would YOU stay the night in one of the themed rooms?

Video source – Annie Taylor Efremsky

Video Source – Black Monarch

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