The Horrifying True Story Behind The Candyman Urban Legend

The Candy Man Urban Legend

Most people associate the Urban Legend of the Candy Man with the Candyman movie, but that’s not the REAL LIFE  true story. In the movie, if you recite the Candyman’s name 3 times a crazy hooked demon comes out of the mirror and rips you to shreds. The true story doesn’t have a hooked killer that comes out of the mirror or anything supernatural. It’s still dark and twisted, but the most horrific part is that it’s real. 

The Scary Story That Turned Out To Be True

The TRUE story behind the candyman legend came out of Texas in the ’70s. A man who was had over 100 grand in debt needed a way out. He was severely depressed and so no other choice but to do something insane. He ended up putting cyanide into pixy sticks and gave them to his children. It was also Halloween so he ended up passing some more out to trick or treaters. 

His daughter didn’t die, however, his son and a few others did. To make a long story short, he was eventually charged with capital murder and put to death by lethal injection. Talk about a horrifying story of someone so hopeless they decided to spread the horror to those he loved and anyone else that came within his vicinity. 

Check out the video by Lupus Creepus  who tested the mirror myth

Video Source – Lupus Creepus  

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