The Urban Legend That Turned Out To Be Real – The Hook Carrying Killer

The Urban Legend That Came To Life 

Urban legends are told about abandoned and haunted places. But the story of the hook-carrying killer is a real thing. The actual story happened in Staten Island, New York in the early 1970s. A former custodian at the Willowbrook School for children with disabilities was responsible for the gruesome murders. A man with a disturbing past took the urban legend of a hook-carrying killer and brought it into real life.

The killer was eventually caught, but not before he took the lives of a lot of children. He wasn’t immediately caught either, it took some years before he was actually caught and convicted. He was given 25 years to life on top of the other life sentences he was already serving. It’s not known how many kids were actually killed by this waste of life. What is known is that the tale of the hook-carrying killer became a real thing.

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