Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained,Urban Legend The 7th Barn – You’ll Never Look At Another Barn The Same Way

The 7th Barn – You’ll Never Look At Another Barn The Same Way

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The 7th Barn Urban Legend

This urban legend originated somewhere in Ohio and it sounds like it could be something that could have possibly happened. You have to wonder sometimes if some of these urban legends actually come from true stories, the problem starts and ends with one thing…. PROOF!

If there isn’t any kind of real evidence to back a legend up, welp it becomes a creepy urban legend and nothing more. But this isn’t the case just for this place, it’s the case for all creepy places. 

Some say the story was made up by local kids in an attempt to spread a scary story, and others say that the story is true but the part about the ghost barn is the part that isn’t true. Whatever the case may be it’s one of those stories that will make you think next time you’re out in the country and you see a random old creepy barn. 

Check it out and let us know what you think! 

Video Source – Creepsmcpasta 


The Urban Legend That Could Be Real

When it comes to urban legends, most of the time they’re stories that are made up to scare kids and teens. Sometimes people make these stories up in order to keep people from those areas. It can have a reverse effect and if the story lives long enough, it may spiral out of control. However, there are cases where an urban legend turns out to be real, check out the story of the REAL Candy Man and Cropsey The Hook Carrying killer and where it call came from. You’ll start to look at urban legends a little bit different once you do.

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