This Barbados Cemetery Has A Vault With Coffins That Move By Themselves

Chase Vault, Barbados

The Legend Of The Moving Coffins

Oistins, Barbados is home to an eerie story, the legend of the moving coffins. According to various people, every time the vault is sealed and reopened for a new burial, all of the coffins apparently change positions on their own. Its even said that there were large stones sent in place to cover the doorway to prevent people from moving them. Eventually when it was time to reopen the vault, the coffins were found again in a different place.

So what gives?

Some say that this story is just an old tale and that it didn’t actually happen at all, but others say that it’s true. Some say the reason being is that this place is somehow tied to the mysterious Oak Island money pit legend. Stories of Templar’s being buried there that aren’t at rest, that keep moving around even in death. Others say there’s some kind of secret passage way that they put there, but no one really knows. 

Although none of this has actually been confirmed or proven as fact some people say that it could be a possibility. But how could the coffins move out of position without anyone actually moving them in the first place?

Good question!

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