Aradale Asylum, Australia – Welcome To Australia’s Most Haunted Place!

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Aradale Asylum Australia

Located right near  Victoria, Australia is the largest abandoned lunatic asylum in the country. It has over 60 building and sits on 100 acres of land making it a monstrous sight from any angle.

It was open for over 130 years and housed only the worst mentally disturbed patients and at one time went it was literally used as a dumping ground for people where seen as “idiots” or “imbeciles” and deemed not worthy of modern society.

It was a sad place because no one actually cared for them at all, the staff  was evil and treated them worse than they treated each other. The doctors were said to be insane themselves and were accused of using bizarre and barbaric treatments on the patients.

It’s been said that 13,000 people died there in the 130 year history, but some say that there are untold amounts of dead that weren’t reported in any logs.

There are countless stories of numerous apparitions and even poltergeist activity in several of the buildings on the grounds of the asylum. It’s hard to say WHERE  the most haunted location actually is when you have 100 acres of land to cover!

Source – Wizard house

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