This Massive Abandoned Asylum Is Said To Be Australia’s Most Haunted Location And You’re Invited!

Australia’s Most Haunted Asylum

Located near Victoria, Australia sits the largest abandoned lunatic asylum in Australia. The massive complex sits on 100 acres and has over 60 buildings making it a monstrous sight. First built in 1867, the huge Gothic structure has sat there for over 150 years. Today the complex is home to a paranormal tourism industry that hosts thousands of visitors yearly. Many say the dark history behind it is the reason the location is so haunted. Those who have been there say there’s certainly some kind of dark presence lingering.

During it’s time, the location was surrounded in a lot of controversy over how bad the conditions were. The staff was said to be evil and mistreated the patients on a regular basis. The asylum was used as a dumping ground for people were seen as “idiots” or “imbeciles.” The doctors were accused of bizarre and barbaric treatments. Over 13,000 people passed away while in the asylum, and that’s just the ones that were in the books. There are countless stories of paranormal activity and even poltergeist activity going on.

Are you planning on being in Australia any time soon? If you are and are looking for a haunted trip, this aslyum is the place to go. They have tours and other creepy events happening at various times of the year. Check out their site for more information.

Check out their site here > Aradale, Lunatic Asylum

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