Children Over 12 Face Jail Time, Fines For Trick Or Treating?

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We heard about this last year around Halloween. A town in Virginia has an actual ordinance that says if you’re over 12 you can’t go trick or treating. If you’re caught then you could face 100 dollar fine and even 6 months in jail. But other towns followed suit and placed their own ordinances…

Wait what?

So apparently after 12 you can’t really enjoy Halloween anymore in certain places. I mean who came up with these laws, probably some bitter old person who always either hated Halloween, trick or treating, or just children in general.

Whatever the case may be we think it’s totally wrong for something like this to take place. I say if children are with an adult it shouldn’t be a problem. We can also understand that older kids tend to want to do other things besides trick or treat on Halloween night.

But why take away the fun for everyone with a ridiculous law like this one? There’s way too much stuff going on in the world. Why not children actually enjoy their childhood and stop making them grow up so dang fast.

What are your thoughts on this?

Check out the video we found by CBS PHILLY and

Video Source – CBS PHILLY

Video Source – MissKristinaZ

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