Children Over 12 Face Jail Time, Fines For Trick Or Treating?

We heard about this last year around Halloween. A town in Virginia has an actual ordinance that says if you’re over 12 you can’t go trick or treating. If you’re caught then you could face 100 dollar fine and even 6 months in jail. But other towns followed suit and placed their own ordinances…

Wait what?

So apparently after 12 you can’t really enjoy Halloween anymore in certain places. I mean who came up with these laws, probably some bitter old person who always either hated Halloween, trick or treating, or just children in general.

Whatever the case may be we think it’s totally wrong for something like this to take place. I say if children are with an adult it shouldn’t be a problem. We can also understand that older kids tend to want to do other things besides trick or treat on Halloween night.

But why take away the fun for everyone with a ridiculous law like this one? There’s way too much stuff going on in the world. Why not children actually enjoy their childhood and stop making them grow up so dang fast.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. My THOUGHTS!!! Seriously that LAW is a CRIME, who would do that??? They are still children getting Free candy..what parent doesn’t look thru their kids bag of free candy and enjoy some too. Is there vandalism problems there? No other Crimes to worry about??? Sad.

    1. I think a child or teen ager should be able to trick or treat up til they turn 18 and make a rule the older teens can not bully the younger ones

  2. Children Over 12 Face Jail Time, Fines For Trick Or Treating response: I did not realize the Southern States are still so backwards in their thinking. I would never live in the South let alone vacation there. How awful for children to be treated in such a manner. Sounds like nothing but Halloween Grinch’s live there. Ignorant people maybe? Which will raise more ignorant adults.

    1. Wow, you make it sound like everyone south of the Mason-Dixon are a bunch a backwoods rednecks that have no life. You clearly have no clue about what you’re talking about. All I can say is, we don’t want your type down here with your condescending attitude. BTW, I’m originally from California but living in Virginia and Halloween is welcomed at my house by anyone that wants to have fun with their family and friends.

      1. Most of them are. And when I say most I mean a good 70 – 80% of them. I live in the South. It’s a very anti-progressive area.

  3. too young to drink, too old to trick or treat. all that’s left is to try summoning elder demons and creepy pasta monsters via oija board.

  4. Kids of all ages should be able to enjoy Halloween! Heck I even get out pie slices to the adults when they stop by. Stop with the stupid laws and get a life all you people who think up ridiculous stuff like this!

  5. Let kids be kids stop being retarded. Would you rather them be out making trouble hurting people animals whatever. Stop trying to lead people’s lives

  6. 5hos os uttwr BULL$H!+ ! My son is 11 and SN. Hell go trivk or treating until he dont want to. I LOVE Halloween and its passed down to my kids. My oldest went out till je was 19 and when be no ed out he still came and gor his brother to go out trick and treating(i was pregnant and on bedrest to go out) let kifs be kids and so what kids do have fun!

  7. Wow, great idea. Eliminate Christmas presents from anyone over 12 next and then do away with Easter candy as well. My next suggestion is to make kids over 12 mandatory have to find a part time job. Children having fun and being imaginative is something that should be eliminated. As soon as a kid is over 12, they should face the harsh reality of hard work, no fun, and no innocence. All kidding aside, this sounds like parents are trying to make ids miserable sad adults.

  8. This is beyond ridiculous in those certain townships…I saw a remark about the entire South being ignorant on this subject — NOT TRUE — there might be certain towns or villages that are doing this – but it is NOT the norm here in the South! We love our kids just as much as anyone else does…and enjoy seeing ALL kids (and some adults) going trick or treating.

  9. My thoughts is its ridiculous, with everything going on in this world if they r 12 and older and all they want to do for Halloween is trick or treat. Let them.. let kids be kids. Stop forcing them to grow up so fast. At least they arent out vandalising, stealing, robbing, or doing drugs and drinking. Halloween is a national holiday for all ages . Let them babies trick or treat.

  10. What about Special needs kids? They may be 12 Chronologically but the mental age of the child is another Matter. If these children are not causing trouble, let them get their candy it is only one night a year!

    1. That’s why the blue pumpkin Halloween bucket is so important. It’s for special needs kids and even adults that measure age 10 or less in their mental age

  11. Notice only those of a pedophile nature are in support of this law.
    Keep em young so they can be fooled easily, and can’t fight back easily either.
    No wonder why they want this law to pass. Its Virginia. Of course those child rapists want this law to pass.

  12. I feel this isn’t right, 12 years old,? Let kids be kids for as long as they can. I raise a grandson who is 14, he is still a fun loving kid and not a trouble maker. If children are causing trouble then ok but that can be any age. We have trunk trick or treating in our small town, a bunch of people go to a church parking lot and kids go from car to car and are given treats out of there trunks. If you don’t want teens at your home, what about this? It is more controlled. Please don’t make kids grow up any faster than they already are.

  13. PERSONALLY I think if the children have a Adult or a older mature person with them it’s okay. I would really like to know if our hard earned money is paying for these piss poor ordinances..Who ever thought of these piss poor ordinances really should crawl under a rock of embarrassment . I kinda feel a tiny bit sorry for them because they are publicizing how ignorant and mis guided and probably a Hypocreat on top of it….. Times have changed so much and Not for the Good either.I think there a he’ll of a lot more serious issues in this world that need to dealt with that just have been ignored or plainly just thrown under the table “DON’T You”” You must NOT Be a nice person,,I bet you are Old and Very Mean. and for your just reward for being hateful and mean you probably get either Toilet Peppered or Egged.. Well I say Adjust your ugly hateful ways and get a real life. and remember what it was like to be a kid going Trick Or Treating. I bet you pulled a few tricks your self back in the Day…You aren’t a descendant from the SALEM WITCH TRAILS ARE YOU ? Let the kids be kids., they will be grown adults soon enought..”” LIVE AND LET LIVE..””To Each His Own”” I’m very upset about this ..Ive said ENOUGHT. I will go now for I have voiced my opion about this subject may be a little to much,,,but I don’t care.You should of not asked what we though . May God Bless You … SINCERELY..

    1. Really!!! WTF!!! I don’t think this is right at all!!! On Halloween when I give candy to the children I also give a piece or two to the parent or guardian. I think who ever is making up these kind of laws will come up with people 12 and older will get jail time for taking pictures with Santa Claus.

  14. U got to be f…ing joking I think every one need to sign petition and stop this stupid crz crap they are kids and they ain’t out here getting high on drugs or going to jail bec they e having a fun day if I was everyone I move out of that town fast and show them let it be a ghost town show them u don’t care about their stupid sh.. they want to be but hurt o well get over it let the town be a ghost town

  15. Get on out of here with that nonsense! Let kids have fun and enjoy themselves! That’s a whole lot of ridiculousness right there. They’re only young once!! Smh! Jail time and a fine?! That’s absurd!! At least they’re out having fun and not getting in trouble!!

  16. I THINK IT IS absoluteLY ridiculous that a twelve-year-old kid can’t trick or treat or older I feel if you dress up and do the part you should be allowed to participate you only are a child once and these days the world pressures us to grow up so fast but why? Adulting sucks I rather be a kid trick or treating. So who ever made this a law shut your light off that day you grumpy Heartless PERSON and read up on how to love a child. Thank you and and have a happy HALLOWEEN!!!!

  17. Why just why you have to be that bitter to be like oh well if your 12 you can go trick or treating and get jail time.. That’s sad

  18. Omg kids of all ages should be able to enjoy trick or treating and this law is so stupid it makes me sick. If your this stupid not to let kids go trick or treating of all ages maybe you should not have a kid. Because this law is just stupid if you ask me and anybody else on here. Maybe you should learn about Halloween instead of being the mean old grinch. At least kids aint out getting drunk getting into trouble and they are getting candy and dressing up. So maybe stop being a Grinch and stop taking Halloween away from kids and adults and for once stop being a mean old Grinch.

  19. MY THOUGHTS, I’m outraged hearing this, those towns / cities should be ashamed it themselves and their city councils need to be replaced ! We build a graveyard every year so EVERYONE can enjoy Halloween and a little scare , there is no age limit on Halloween , SHAME ON YOU ALL FROM THOSE CITIES !!

  20. my disabled daughter still dress u p for trick or treat and I let het
    I also make her costums for her

  21. That’s ridiculously stupid let them be you won’t allow them to enjoy their childhood so they turn around and do something stupid this has to be a real child haters smdh let them be shoo I tricked and treated until I was 17 foh!!!!

  22. Who checks the IDs for age? My daughter is almost 12 but has been taller than her classmates for years. How would they enforce this? Truly unbelievable!

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