Reese’s Robotic Door Will Deliver Free King Size Reese’s To Your Home This Halloween

Reese Halloween Robot

This year has been a mess and it left many wondering what would happen to Halloween. Well, Reese’s is here to save the day with their Reese’s door deliver robot. Yes, it’s a robot that looks like a door that will deliver king sizes Reese’s if you’re lucky enough to be on its route. With a lot of people trying to find creative ways to get candy to kids in a safe manner, a robotic delivery door is a step above the rest.


So How Does It Work?

The robotic door will wander around neighborhoods via remote control. It will then automatically stop at random houses and will then release smoke, lights, and sound effects to people who will see it. All a person has to do is say “Trick or Treat” and the robot then releases a candy bar through its mail slot. What an awesome idea by Reese to make Halloween that much cooler. However, there are some that are concerned about the robot traveling through the street while cars are moving about. I’m pretty sure they have all of that covered, so if you’re close to the robot area you may just get a robotic visitor this Halloween.

The Reese Halloween Robot

What are your thoughts on this?

Video Source – NTV HOUSTON

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