Clinton Road New Jersey

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New Jersey's Most Haunted Road- Clinton Road 

The Most Haunted Road In The World?

This is one of those roads where the reputation is built around mystery, legend, and some very creepy stuff. Now while some of the stories sound too good to be true, others are actually based around real stuff.

This road is one of those roads that pretty secluded, but yet it's rather close enough to a large population that it can be used for rather disturbing things to say the least. Like other places in the world, strange things can happen in and around locations that bad things happen at.

Just like other places in the world that bad things happen at, this place is one of those spooky spots where a void of darkness has opened up. There are tons of strange stories, enough that you could actually fill a book with.

This isn't one of those places where there's just a few stories, there's numerous odd things that have happened here, some true and others well, you know… The story of Clinton Road is one that stretches a span of decades and some say even past a century or more. 

It's one of those locations that you don't want your car to break down at and get left outside in the dark. Whether or not all or even some of the stories are real, the threat of bad people is always a very real threat to anyone living.

There are those who will do anything they can to take what they want from someone who is in need, but is this one of those places?

Check out theses videos we found, the first one is by PROPER PEOPLE

This video we found is by PETE GREEN PRODUCTIONS 

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