Still Need Plans For Valentine’s? The Haunted Winchester Mystery House Has You Covered

The infamous Winchester Mystery house is the house that Sarah Winchester built with the guidance of ghosts. Anyone who has been or seen the house knows it’s like something they never seen before. The Doors leading to large drops, staircases that go into walls, secret rooms and ghosts.  This Valentine’s Day they’re going to throw a special event that includes master magician Aiden Sinclair.

He’s been on numerous shows and has wowed tons of crowds with his illusions and magical performances. The 60 minute performance will take you on a haunted journey of ghosts and the paranormal. He will take the audience into the world of séances and Victorian spiritualism.

For those of you who are brave enough and want even more fun. There’s tickets available for an afterhours paranormal investigation. What better way is there to spend Valentine’s than exploring the corridors and passageways of the Winchester Mystery House.

Check out their site here for more information > Winchester Mystery House

Check out this video of an interview with Aiden Sinclair about a past show he did on the Queen Mary.

Video Source – Haunting Net

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