The’The Conjuring’ Home Will Soon Be Open To The Public

By now most of you have seen The Conjuring or a movie related to it. So you already know how creepy the movie is and the back story behind it. Knowing all of that would YOU buy the house that inspired the movie? Most of you would probably say no, but a few of you would probably say yes, a couple Maine is that select few.

The couple says they were always fascinated by the famous paranormal investigators ‘The Warrens’ and all of their cases. They heard about the place and knew the location and when they saw it was up for sale they didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Numerous people have had some rather creepy happenings in the 1736 Harrisville, Rhode Island farm house. The couple says they have had numerous creepy things happen while in the house.

On a few occasions you’ll hear cannon fire, gunshots, and even screaming only to find out there’s nothing outside. The famous case involving The Warrens happened when a family who lived in the house was being psychically tormented and assaulted by a demonic entity.

Could the entity or other evil things still be lingering in the house? Who knows, but what is known is that now the house has a new owner, so that means we will keep our ears open to future stories involving this place.

Check out the video we found by EdgeOfNightfall behind The Conjuring story and let us know your thoughts.

Video source – EdgeOfNightfall

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