Cursed North Carolina Ghost Town Theme Park Up For Sale!

When you think of theme parks places like Walt Disney Land or Walt Disney World come to mind. And also others ones known for their roller coasters like Cedar Point or the Six Flags theme parks?

But how about ones like North Carolina’s Ghost Town In the Sky theme park?

Wait what???

Yeah this one place that you probably haven’t heard of or ever been to unless you’re from that area or near it. However this place is said to be cursed, a curse that was put on the land a very long time ago.

So how why do people think the park is actually cursed? It was initially opened 60 years ago, but since then its seen its share of lawsuits, breakdowns, thefts, vandalism, and even on one occasion a man was shot during a mock gun fight.

There was actually going to be another opening but those plans were halted due to some very heavy vandalism. Now the park is back up for sale for just under 6 million dollars. The sad thing is that this is just a FRACTION of what was spent on the park from 2006-2009. There was an estimate of almost 50 million spent on the park.

Could this place really be cursed?

Check out these videos we found about this place and let us know YOUR thoughts. Know someone who would LOVE to buy a place like this?

So would you buy this place?

Video Source – Expedition Theme Park

Video Source – The Carpetbagger

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