The Terrifying Story Of a Women Who Was Tormented By Something She Couldn’t See

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The Scary Story behind Doris Bither

When you’re being physically assaulted by someone what do you do? You get help from someone and you get out of the situation that you‘re in, but what if you were being assaulted by something that WASN’T HUMAN? 

What then?

Who would tell and who would honestly be able to help you out, I mean how would you fight or get rid of something that you can’t see. Most people would think you’re crazy and that you’re in need of some medical help. Most would say that you’re suffering from some mental condition and that you need some kind of medication, but if that wasn’t the case at all?

What would you do?

This is the case of an average housewife by the name of Doris Bither, what she went through was an unspeakable tale of horrific proportions. And yet still people thought she was making up the stories and that she was crazy. Check out the video we found and prepare to be horrified! 

Source – Fortean slip 

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