The Terrifying Story Of a Women Who Was Tormented By Something She Couldn’t See

The Scary Story behind Doris Bither

From the first look, you would never think a yellow house in the middle of Culver City, California would be the focal point for one of the most terrifying hauntings in history. However, the events that took place in that home were so horrifying there was a movie created around it. In 1974 a woman by the name of Doris Bither approached 2 paranormal investigators about her situation. She told them there were ghosts in her house. She said they banged on the walls, heard strange voices, saw strange lights, and so on. The scariest part is when she told them that she had been raped and savagely beaten by this entity.

At first they didn’t believe her and thought it was case of sleep paralysis. However, after more witnesses came forward they soon began to change their minds. Her family members witnessed her being throw around like rag doll by something they couldn’t see. When one person tried to intervene, they were thrown across the room and ended up with a broken arm. During the first investigation it didn’t take to long to see there was a severe problem. The lights flickered, cabinets flew open, and things were thrown around. On another occasion they used polaroid photos during their investigation. Each photo came out extremely hazy, almost as if something was there. Then when they removed Doris from the house the photos came out clear.

On one horrifying occasion they captured a picture of what looked like 2 smaller entities holding Doris down. The larger entity actually manifested and terrified all those who were in the room. Eventually Doris faded away from the spotlight and moved away with her family. According to those who moved in after they left, they never witnessed anything at all. Could it have been Doris who was being haunted all that time and not the location? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

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