Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” Transforms Into “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

If you’ve ever been to the Walt Disney World and love the “Haunted Mansion“, and also love Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, you’re in for a treat. Disney’s the Haunted Mansion is celebrating its 50th anniversary and in a big way. The Haunted Mansion will be turned into ” The Nightmare Before Christmas”. So if you’re planning on going, you can expect to see Jack, Sally, and the rest of the bunch roaming around.

The Nightmare Before Christmas merges both Halloween and Christmas, giving those of you who love BOTH an awesome experience. Each year they do something big, but since it’s the 50th anniversary they’re going to take it to another level.

Imagine being able to go to Halloweentown while visiting the haunted mansion, I mean this is a Halloween lovers dream come true. This year they are promising to have even more characters and surprises for those of you who are daring enough to venture into the Haunted Mansion.

Will you be going this year? Have you ever gone during the holidays?

Check out these videos we found by Socal Attractions 360 and Daps Magic

Video Source – Socal Attractions 360

Video Source – Daps Magic

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