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A Look At One Of The Most Decorated Christmas Houses On The East Coast

The Most Decorated Christmas House When it comes to Christmas decorations, one Pennsylvanian home is no strange to intense displays. The Peckville Christmas house has been spreading joy and the Christmas spirit to the Peckville, Pennsylvania area for some time now. They have an amazing

Some Christmas Traditions Come Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

The Christmas Cat Straight Out Of A Horror Movie When most of us think of Christmas, the last thing you would think of is something scary. Well, if you grew up in Iceland or have family from Iceland you may have heard of the Christmas

“All I Want For Christmas” Voted Most ANNOYING Christmas Song

Let us start by saying that we DON’T hate Christmas in any kind of way. It’s actually our second favorite holiday right behind Halloween. However there are some things that totally bother us about Christmas time. One of those things is Christmas shopping, the other

Who Is Krampus? A Terrifying Look At The Christmas Demon

Krampus Is Coming To Town The creature known as Krampus comes from a central European legend. It tells the horrifying tale of a horned goat demon-like creature that goes around punishing bad kids. He doesn’t give them a present and then moves on like good

10 Super Creepy Christmas Urban Legends That Will Make You Cringe

Creepy Christmas Urban Legends Many of us around the world celebrate Christmas but not all of us celebrate it in the same kind of way. Some of us have different views, different stories and legends, and then again different creepy things about Christmas and its

The Top 10 Scariest Christmas Horror Movies Of All Time

Christmas Horror Movies When it comes to Christmas horror movies, we all have one or 2 that we can think of right off the bat. However if you were asked to name 10 Christmas horror movies, would you be able to do it? Good question….

An Inside Look At Enchant The World’s Largest Christmas Maze

If you’re going to be in the Saint Petersburg, Florida, Washington, DC, or Seattle, Washington area this Christmas, you need to stop at Enchant. It’s the WORLDS LARGEST Christmas maze and market. The maze takes you on a journey with Eddie The Elf through a

Daughters Insane Christmas List Shocks Father

The Crazy Christmas List When we were kids we always were told to make out a Christmas list for Santa Claus. Usually when we made Christmas lists they were modest ones, well for the most part. But what if your child made a Christmas list

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Millennials Want Secret Santa Banned Because It Causes Anxiety?

Is Christmas Under Attack? Many are wondering and asking as of late if Christmas under attack? I don’t think Christmas in general is under attack. However we do think there are certain things and aspects about Christmas that people are really looking at differently. First

Studies Find Playing Too Much Christmas Music Is Bad For Your Health!

For many of us, especially those who frequent this site, the most WONDERFUL time of the year is Halloween. Christmas is a close second, however there are a few things about Christmas that drives many of us insane. What is it? CHRISTMAS MUSIC! You know,