Creepy Facts About Friday The 13th You Didn’t Know About!  

Creepy Friday The 13th Facts 

Creepy Friday The 13th Facts

Friday The 13th Facts

We’ve heard different stories about Friday the 13th, but are they are all truth, lies,  or somewhere in between? Could there be some truth to some of the more creepier things behind Friday the 13th?

That’s an interesting question that probably all of us have thought about at one point in time or another. What most of us do know about Friday the 13th is the fact that Jason Vorhees went nuts killing people at a camp in the 80’s.

Yeah we know it was a movie, but honestly what all about Friday the 13th do you know that others might not know? Or better yet, do you know anything about Friday the 13th that is strange and creepy?

Check out this video we found by a really cool YouTube channel >> Good Mythical Morning 

Do you think that there are some creepy things associated with Friday the 13th, or is it just another day that goes by like the rest? Do you think that some days are just built around fear and that they’re presented that way in order to sell something off? Maybe not in a monetary form, but in other ways? I guess that’s a different debate for another time. In the meantime check out the video!

Creepy Friday The 13th Facts

Video Source – Good Mythical Morning 

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