Terrifying Accounts Of Paranormal Activity On Friday The 13th


True Friday The 13th Ghost Stories

The Spooky Day, Friday The 13th

There are people who are so afraid of Friday The 13th that they won’t even go outside. They use it as a day of prayer and reflection which isn’t a bad thing at all. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and way of life. But is Friday the 13th as evil as people think it is, or is it just spooky because of the movie and some old wise tales?

Who knows! 

However, there are certain people that think that the 13th brings out some spooky things, especially in the paranormal world. There are those who have had some pretty crazy things happen to them during the 13th, but could it be that they’re looking for it? I guess any day would be crazy and scary if you’re looking hard for something. I’ve always followed the saying “be careful what you look for, becaue you might just find it”. 

Well, that’s now REALLY how it goes but it’s also the truth in a sense…. 

Check out these true GHOST STORIES by Horrostudio1  and let us know what you think 

True Friday The 13th Ghost Stories

Video Source- Horrostudio1 

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