Friday the 13th The final Chapter

Think You Know Everything About Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter? Guess Again!

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Surprising Things About Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Now this movie really shouldn't have been made, I know that Jason could be played by anyone, but it wasn't the same without Kane Hodder. The movie was almost the same as the others and the story behind it was a bit blah if you ask me. However, there are those who liked this movie and some say that it was the best movie of the whole franchise. Now I can't say it was the best by any means, but it was better than Jason Goes To Hell, and Freddy vs. Jason…. WHAT A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT THOSE WERE! 

Yet still, there are things about the movie that are behind the scenes that makes you like the movie a little bit more. For instance, we all know that Corey Feldman, the 80's icon who pretty much fell of the face of the earth and has now been trying to record some crazy mega album for the last 10 years was in the movie. Supposedly the actor who played Jason was so annoyed that he said he actually wanted to kill Feldman, talk about insane! 

Now some are saying that it's because he was all Hollywood, but then you have to think about this. You're a kid on a major film production, you're going to be excited as all what, so that's probably why he was so annoying,then again who knows. 

Anyways here are some more interesting facts brought to you by ScreenCrush 

Things About Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

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