Ghost Adventures To Investigate Joe Exotics Zoo Just In Time For Halloween

If you’re familiar with Netflix, then by now you already have heard or seen something about Joe Exoctic and his old zoo. You probably also already know that the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park has a history of tragedy. But did you know the place is haunted beyond belief and possibly cursed? The Ghost Adventures team says the place is not only soaked in tragedy but also extremely haunted. Could that be the reason that there has been so much misfortune on the grounds of the animal park?

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The former owner Joe Exotic is now serving 22 years in prison for a murder for hire plot. He was convicted of apparently hiring a hitman to kill his so-called rival, Carole Baskin. With all of the mistreatment and death, there are workers and visitors alike who say the place is creepy and extremely haunted.

Some think the creepy activity is the reason that the place has had such a bad history. Others say it’s just because of Joe Exotic and his crazy antics. The Ghost Adventures crew will be investigating the grounds in a 2-hour special on October 29th at 9 pm.

Haunted Halloween

Bagans said, “This investigation was wild from beginning to end. We went into it thinking we knew a little about this story already, but there were so many surprises at every turn. It’s a super-charged location and it felt surreal to be there. This special has all the drama, characters, and twists that you would expect in any Joe Exotic story. But just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, there’s more.”

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